Monday, May 5, 2008

FREE Perfume

Ok, so take 20 secs. and make an e-card with Clinique and get a free purse sized Happy perfume.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

For Crystal & Dirty V

Here is tonight's run....

I made a trip tonight because I have realized that it is better for me to go on Sunday nights unless there is something that I REALLY want to get before they run out (BUT I'm not sure how often that will be now that I have learned an awesome secret).....patience, we'll get back to that....Sunday nights work perfect for me cause I usually have the store to myself and the cashiers don't mind my many transactions cause they are bored so it works out for everyone. They were out of Charmin but other than that I got everything and MORE that I went in for.

I scored the following Covergirl products
1 AquaSmooth $8.99
2 Outlast Lipcolor $9.99 ea
3 Trublend Concealers $7.49 ea
2 Fragrance Free Pressed Powder $5.49 ea
4 Contouring Blush Sets $5.99 ea
2 Pocket Powder $6.79 ea
1 Bronzer $3.99
1 Advanced Radiance $9.59
2 Smoothers $7.99 ea
1 Lash Blast Mascara $8.49
1 Lash Exact $7.79
1 Eye Enhancer $5.49
1 Eye Shadow $3.39


Dish Pan $2.19
Rave Hairspray (holds great for the boys) $2.99
Venus Razor $9.99
Post Its (hoping it would carry over from the $3 I missed from bad figuring last week because they still had the sign up...but it didn't) $4.99
Wahl Trimmer (boys haircuts) $34.99

Total- $218.10
ECB's paid- $14.97 & $5.98
Coupons- ALOT
(I had 8 B1 foundation G1 item free from 3/31 I think & the rest from today's paper)
OOP- $9.87 (gift card)
ECB's Earned- $5
but since I'm taking back the $4.99 Post Its- it's pretty much a wash

It was done in 5 transactions and I had it figured way wrong because during my first transaction I had only handed over 3 coupons and I was already in the negative with 3 more coupons to use so at that point I ran back to makeup and grabbed 4 more random things which brought that total to $3.44. I had to do it with the 2nd AND 3rd transactions too. It's fun to do that though cause it feels like a shopping spree since you just grab and RUN...another reason Sunday nights are good for me because no one has to wait and I'm quite entertaining for the cashiers.

The Big News (if you didn't already know)...
So I had always traveled to my 3 out of 4 different stores to get the freebies throughout the month or if they were really good, during that week. It was fun to go in and see what they had for that trip but discouraging when the shelves had been wiped clean. Well I had always read that you should get a raincheck when they were out of something like the B1G1 deals or sale prices BUT I learned Wednesday night when I went in (knowing they would be out) to get my final Softsoaps.......that you can get rainchecks on items thst spit out ECB's!! I couldn't believe it. I got a raincheck for the Softsoap & the CVS meds- that I never saw once the entire month. Plus they never expire!! I don't know how CVS does it but they just keep getting better and better!