Thursday, June 26, 2008

What happens when you neglect your CVS addiction for 3 weeks?

You can't see to drive home!!!

I know!! I can't believe I was able to survive that long without my "drugs" but with Summer here and trying to do alot with the babies I haven't had a moments breath to even think about transactions and haven't cut a coupon in a month so you can imagine the mess that I have to go through. I had about $70 in ECB's that had expired over my absence and so I had to use them all up in one trip since my fav. manager gave me the ok, which was HARD because I NEVER use that many ECB's in one trip because of coupons and breaking down transactions to use more $4/$20 coupons- let's just say it was tough. I was there almost 2 hours (which is kinda quick for me) and bought $293 worth of merchandise, used $116 in ECB's, and spent $13.90 that went on my prescription transfer gift card.

Obviously, more of my favorite paper towels.....YEA!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Victoria's Secret Freebie

So I finally made it to the mall to pick up my free body scrub (check past posts) this weekend and wanted to let everyone know the freebie is still available.

So I am all about getting something for free with a coupon but feel I am smart enough to know not to get sucked into spending more money just to get something for "free" or just to use a mom tends to get sucked into that! (But she's learning) Well I went in to grab the body scrub and knowing (since I worked there) that it is next to impossible to find much at V.S. under $7 I would have to search by the cash registers. Well I ended up grabbing the mints and while I was standing in line thinking how the mints were $2.75 I am realizing that I am pretty much spending $2.75 plus tax on the body scrub cause we all know we could get buckets of mints/ candy for free at CVS. So as I am standing there, I am racking my brain for a better deal and it hits a gift card for $1 and there is your "any purchase". So I gave them a dollar (NO TAX) and got it back on a gift card to eventually roll over and my got my body wash FOR FREE. I know I sound terribly cheap at this point but it is so fun to figure out the best deal and hey, there's nothing wrong with me trying to save my money for better shoes ;)