Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jamie's Picture Game

Is this thing on..........then let me know if you play along. Open the picture file and pull from the fourth folder, the fourth picture (what's the deal with 4 Jamie?) Anywho- I present my Kyan James- only 1 day old....I have alot of pictures on this computer so 4th folder didn't get me very far (try 4 years ago).

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mosaic Game

After seeing Crystal's mosaic last night I decided to stay up and make one last night. It was fun to see what would come up once you searched for the answers to the questions. If you wanna play along then go to Crystal's blog for links and let me know if you make one.

The Questions:

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your blog name. (kid version: favorite animal?)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What happens when you neglect your CVS addiction for 3 weeks?

You can't see to drive home!!!

I know!! I can't believe I was able to survive that long without my "drugs" but with Summer here and trying to do alot with the babies I haven't had a moments breath to even think about transactions and haven't cut a coupon in a month so you can imagine the mess that I have to go through. I had about $70 in ECB's that had expired over my absence and so I had to use them all up in one trip since my fav. manager gave me the ok, which was HARD because I NEVER use that many ECB's in one trip because of coupons and breaking down transactions to use more $4/$20 coupons- let's just say it was tough. I was there almost 2 hours (which is kinda quick for me) and bought $293 worth of merchandise, used $116 in ECB's, and spent $13.90 that went on my prescription transfer gift card.

Obviously, more of my favorite paper towels.....YEA!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Victoria's Secret Freebie

So I finally made it to the mall to pick up my free body scrub (check past posts) this weekend and wanted to let everyone know the freebie is still available.

So I am all about getting something for free with a coupon but feel I am smart enough to know not to get sucked into spending more money just to get something for "free" or just to use a mom tends to get sucked into that! (But she's learning) Well I went in to grab the body scrub and knowing (since I worked there) that it is next to impossible to find much at V.S. under $7 I would have to search by the cash registers. Well I ended up grabbing the mints and while I was standing in line thinking how the mints were $2.75 I am realizing that I am pretty much spending $2.75 plus tax on the body scrub cause we all know we could get buckets of mints/ candy for free at CVS. So as I am standing there, I am racking my brain for a better deal and it hits a gift card for $1 and there is your "any purchase". So I gave them a dollar (NO TAX) and got it back on a gift card to eventually roll over and my got my body wash FOR FREE. I know I sound terribly cheap at this point but it is so fun to figure out the best deal and hey, there's nothing wrong with me trying to save my money for better shoes ;)

Monday, May 5, 2008

FREE Perfume

Ok, so take 20 secs. and make an e-card with Clinique and get a free purse sized Happy perfume.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

For Crystal & Dirty V

Here is tonight's run....

I made a trip tonight because I have realized that it is better for me to go on Sunday nights unless there is something that I REALLY want to get before they run out (BUT I'm not sure how often that will be now that I have learned an awesome secret).....patience, we'll get back to that....Sunday nights work perfect for me cause I usually have the store to myself and the cashiers don't mind my many transactions cause they are bored so it works out for everyone. They were out of Charmin but other than that I got everything and MORE that I went in for.

I scored the following Covergirl products
1 AquaSmooth $8.99
2 Outlast Lipcolor $9.99 ea
3 Trublend Concealers $7.49 ea
2 Fragrance Free Pressed Powder $5.49 ea
4 Contouring Blush Sets $5.99 ea
2 Pocket Powder $6.79 ea
1 Bronzer $3.99
1 Advanced Radiance $9.59
2 Smoothers $7.99 ea
1 Lash Blast Mascara $8.49
1 Lash Exact $7.79
1 Eye Enhancer $5.49
1 Eye Shadow $3.39


Dish Pan $2.19
Rave Hairspray (holds great for the boys) $2.99
Venus Razor $9.99
Post Its (hoping it would carry over from the $3 I missed from bad figuring last week because they still had the sign up...but it didn't) $4.99
Wahl Trimmer (boys haircuts) $34.99

Total- $218.10
ECB's paid- $14.97 & $5.98
Coupons- ALOT
(I had 8 B1 foundation G1 item free from 3/31 I think & the rest from today's paper)
OOP- $9.87 (gift card)
ECB's Earned- $5
but since I'm taking back the $4.99 Post Its- it's pretty much a wash

It was done in 5 transactions and I had it figured way wrong because during my first transaction I had only handed over 3 coupons and I was already in the negative with 3 more coupons to use so at that point I ran back to makeup and grabbed 4 more random things which brought that total to $3.44. I had to do it with the 2nd AND 3rd transactions too. It's fun to do that though cause it feels like a shopping spree since you just grab and RUN...another reason Sunday nights are good for me because no one has to wait and I'm quite entertaining for the cashiers.

The Big News (if you didn't already know)...
So I had always traveled to my 3 out of 4 different stores to get the freebies throughout the month or if they were really good, during that week. It was fun to go in and see what they had for that trip but discouraging when the shelves had been wiped clean. Well I had always read that you should get a raincheck when they were out of something like the B1G1 deals or sale prices BUT I learned Wednesday night when I went in (knowing they would be out) to get my final Softsoaps.......that you can get rainchecks on items thst spit out ECB's!! I couldn't believe it. I got a raincheck for the Softsoap & the CVS meds- that I never saw once the entire month. Plus they never expire!! I don't know how CVS does it but they just keep getting better and better!

Friday, April 25, 2008

One month anniversary...

Well I started this chaos a month ago this weekend and what a ride it has been. The most upsetting thing is how many deals I had missed before even knowing the game. I made a couple of trips this week to stock up on some items and try a couple different scenarios that I have been reading on my favorite "Super Savers" blogs....(one being The "Cent"sible Sawyer). I bought ALOT of stuff this week for next to nothing and was lucky enough to use up some of the deals my mother in law wasn't going to use up before the month was over PLUS I had coupons. I can officially say my brain HURTS from constantly playing with numbers trying to find the best deal. So obviously, I bought way too much to break it down for you but here is the week in review...

6 CVS Trips (3 different stores)
1 Walgreen's Trip
1 Walmart Trip to price match

Tuesday's Trip

They paid me for this $450 trip

Wednesday's Trip

FINALLY found the gift bags that everyone had been talking about. I really didn't want to buy all of those bags but I figured I better get them while I can, considering the ECB deal is close to being over. There were a couple of things that I needed to get in this trip that weren't on sale or I would have usually the Adidas deodorant is on sale next week with ECB's in return and since they had the display up I thought I'd try it which didn't matter cause I had a FREE coupon from the paper anyway. I needed a pair of those gloves to help with the dry skin from over washing and I got the hairclips for $0.10- I grabbed them for a filler but they didn't help much.

Thursday's Trip (not pictured)

Friday's Trip

One of my CVS stores had the double packs of Lysol wipes out from the new shipment and they adjusted them for the sale price...BONUS! Here is the list:

80 bottles of Herbal Essence ($3.99- $4.29 ea)
10 jars of Whipped Foundation ($9.49 ea)
6 Twin packs of Lysol Wipes ($2.49 ea)
3 Softsoaps ($5.49 ea)
2 Pledge ($2.99- raincheck)
5 Skin Effects ($6.99 ea)
3 magazines for coupons ($.99 ea)
Fillers...Diet Coke, Sucker, Candy, Beano

Total Before Coupons= $371.81
ECB's Used= $40.97
OOP= $22.88
ECB's Earned $51.47

I had 40 Herbal Essence coupons and it just kept getting better and better.
Look what I found......

The FREE Manicure/ Pedicure bottles!!

Then I headed to Walmart to get next weeks CVS deal on Palmolive price matched. 2 for $1.59 and I used 11 $1/2 coupons which made the soap $0.30 a bottle. I had coupons for everything else.

I have decided that CVS is my new workout routine- nevermind the foot work that is involved in shopping for all of those buys but having to load them into the car and drag it all inside.......Now that is a workout!!

I forgot tonight that I had a reward buck from Walgreen's that would expire after today so since I still had 9 Palmolive coupons left, I decided to make a quick stop on my way back from picking up dinner and grab MORE soap. This one cost me $6 and I will be sending in for the $10 rebate.

If prices keep flying up like peeps are saying one thing is for sure....we may starve to death but we will be CLEAN!!

Monday, April 14, 2008


Here is a FREE CVS Transaction for you ladies to try. This month if you buy 3 Essence of Beauty Items they will give you $5 in ECB's. Well I'm guessing they were thinking peeps would go buy 3 high dollar items and then in return they would give us our $5 back but those smart women out there in blogville taught me this. Go buy 3 Essence of Beauty items under $1.49 and your total will cost you less than what you get in return...they have told me that you could use a $3/$10 CVS coupon (my coupon scanner prints this coupon off 9 out out of 10 times) because Essence is a CVS brand. Now I handed a cashier this the other day and I hear, "UH MAAAAAAM- seriously it was that long- "this is for a CVS purchase" which I replied isn't Essence a CVS product" to where I got a NO....I wasn't fighting over $3 when they were already giving me free items. Otherwise I would of told her to prove it ;)

Here is what I grabbed for $1.49. There are also Essence of Beauty gift bags which I haven't been able to find since I heard about them and $0.99 toe separators. I didn't care if they were free or not....I didn't want 15 toe separators to house somewhere. There is a limit of 5 so you can get $25 worth of free beauty supplies that won't the 15 boxes of Excedrin from last week.

So I'm waiting till CVS gets tired of this and puts restrictions or "small print" on all of our great steals but until then I'm swimming in it!!

Let me know what works for you.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

2008 5 Things Game...

Here is my 2008 version of the 5 Things Game......

(Ignore the tiny fingerprints on the glass...
for some reason it's always more fun to scale a piece of
furniture to get a snack if you are between the ages of 3-5)

11 Pyrex Dishes
9 character cake pans
6 packages of spaghetti
4 boxes of opened cereal that prob. needs to be trashed
TONS of Jello mixes (your guess is as good as mine)

My favorite "how did I live so long without you" gadget

2 Battlestar Gallactica- don't knock it till you try it
The Two Coreys Episode where they try to stop smoking that
1. will never get deleted
2. made me pee my pants on more than one occasion while I was pregnant
Private Practice that I have yet to watch from DECEMBER
Redneck Wedding so I can hear that old lady say,
"I LOVE Hot Pockets"-
which has become my nickname for Lily cause I love saying it:)
Run's House- where they finally get their girl

Lily's Room
I figured since she wasn't here for the last game..only in my dreams...I would do her room even though it isn't CLOSE to being done

HAIRBOWS (Over 100)
12 Pairs of Baby Legs
3 Picture Frames without pictures
Antique Baby Scale
Princess Piggy Bank (Target)

Computer Desk
AKA. Catchall- I admit it is like this 90% of the time and about 5 mins after I clean it up...I give up

Empty Walgreen's Printer Ink Refill Bag
Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief lotion...over washing this winter has tore my hands up!
2 Games we played 2 weeks ago- Rummikub & Apples to Apples
At Home with Magnolia Cookbook
A To DO List that is 2 pages looooong

My Bedroom
OK, so this picture was taken for the other blog
(2 years ago) so there are some changes
(curtains, nightstands, and those flowers are really dead now :)

Gym Class Schedule
Tivo #2
Lily's 2ND Swing
My Coupon Book

Doesn't that look like FUN!?!

Sunday's Fun

I made 2 shopping trips today to use up some of my coupons. Sundays are obviously "BIG" days because by day 2 or 3 of sales, things are pretty picked over. I have made one too many trips to CVS over the last couple of weeks....enough they know me when I walk I don't want to have to shop around to different CVS's unless I have to. My first one was to Walmart where I had been saving up some of my coupons till I made my next trip there and here is what I got.

My total before coupons was $84.29 and after coupons was $39.17. I had to take back 2 things that have been sitting around unused/ unneeded for a couple a months so once I used that gift card my out of pocket total was $9. Now given I'm not lucky enough to live in a state that has stores that will double not fair, but I don't get awesome deals on food like all of you southern girls (even if they tax your food). So I was pleased with this accomplishment considering it was all for things we needed/ wanted and not just 15 boxes of Excedrin :)

After this I took a shopping break and went to Yoga which was almost pointless considering all I could think about was how I was going to play out my CVS trip. I could see this becoming a problem, anyway....

Here is what I came home with

Now there wasn't anything that I was dying to buy this week considering all my luck last a minute...but I have a hard time passing up free stuff. This is by no means me saying I got the "best" deal out there and there is probably a better way I could of purchased this BUT ya know after awhile I can't stand there and figure anymore- Time is money around here too no matter how much I am trying to save a buck. So here is the scoop in 2 transactions..

2 packs of CVS Diapers ($8.99 ea)
2 Chewable Benefibers ($6.79 ea)
Diet Coke (Yoga made me thirsty- $1.39)
CVS Travel Wipes for my first aid car kit ($1.99)
Orbit Gum ($1.19)

2 Benefiber $2/1 coupon (today's paper)
$3/$10 CVS purchase printed when I scanned my card today

I used $15 in ECB's and got back $10 in ECB's
I knew the Coke, Wipes, & Gum would take me over my $10 goal but I didn't want to stand there and figure in those items since they were all last min. add ons.

2 Covergirl Trublend foundation ($8.99 ea)
Tweezers for my first aid kit ($1.49)
Clippers " " " " ($1.49)
Lumene Makeup Wipes ($2.79)

$1/1 Covergirl coupon (last week's)
Buy foundation Get 1 free coupon (last week's)

Total $4.02

So what I should of done is put the coke, gum, and wipes on this transaction so I could of used a $4/ $20 coupon here too but I'll just save it for next time cause I plan on going back to buy 4 more packs of diapers and 4 more makeups since I still have 2 more sets of coupons to make them free or cents over. I'm also taking back the Lumene Wipes cause I only bought them thinking they would bring $2 ECB but they didn't produce so back they go.

Not that I need more diapers or wipes considering what last week supplied but THEY ARE FREE!

Lily's stash so far

My next adventure is to create a CVS rehab cause after reading through a lot of blogs...there are alot of us who could use some :)
(Don't worry ladies you can pay me in ECB's)

Coo Coo for CVS!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Smell Good For Your Man...


Victoria's Secret...nevermind I use to work there and we won't even talk about how many different sets of boobs I had to fit on a daily giving away a free FULL size body scrub with purchase. You may not want to purchase a $45 bra to get the free gift but I bet you wouldn't mind picking up a pack of gum or a tin of mints for it :)
(Lord, knows Jamie doesn't need anything else to get her man excited...yea I said it!)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

To whom it may concern

Do you remember this.....

Your Brain is 80% Female, 20% Male

Your brain leans female

You think with your heart, not your head

Sweet and considerate, you are a giver

But you're tough enough not to let anyone take advantage of you!

Game Time

Ok, so let's play the 5 things game. You pick 5 categories (ex. computer, fridge, car, Tivo, closet), pick 5 things that are in those categories, and then post pictures. I will post mine from 2 years ago...2 YEARS, can you believe it's been that you have an example. Let me know if you play and I will link it on this post so we all can see. I will def. have to think about mine to see what I can come up with new this year.

2 Years Ago....

In My Fridge...

*Expired medicines*
4 antibiotics (2 for Aidan & 2 for me when we had strep throat)

Progesterone Suppositories from when I was pregnant with Kyan (20 months ago :)

*Choc. Oatmeal Cookies--YUM!!*

*Bottled Diet Lipton Green Tea*

*Leftover Chicken Alfredo from last night*

(2x this week)


In My Closet...

*Couple Pairs of Shoes* ;)

*4 Stacks of Pants That are Too Small*

(If Lee would keep his hands to himself I might be able to fit in them..but I keep having babies)

*My Gift Bows & Ribbons*

*Photo Boxes of Old Pictures & 2 Storage Boxes FULL of High School Memorabilia*

*Cabinet Full of Purses & Bags*

(Behind the Door)

In My Handbag...



*Deodorant & the Boy's Hairspray*

*Bottled Water & 2 Juice Boxes*

*Making Memories Tool Kit*
(I needed the needles and tweezers out of it to remove a splinter from Aidan's foot and I was in a hurry so I just grabbed it- 3 weeks ago HA!)

In My Car...I was too lazy to go outside and take a picture- mine is SO not this clean!

*About 50 DVD's

*Double Stroller*

*Rascal Flatts & Third Day CDs*

*2 Empty Sippy Cups*


In My Computer/ Bookmarked...
*The Dove Foundation*

*Shop Suey Boutique*

*Busy Bee Scrapbooking*


*Uproar Games*


So that has many meanings for me but for this post let me show you SOME of the things that I got free this week

So do you even understand how much fun this is and just how addicting it really has become. I have a couple different places that I will check daily to see what deals they have found and what has worked for them. I think I have gone to CVS 4 times this week. Yea I'm obsessed. The thing that makes it so much fun is 1. it's a challenge 2. I'm a HUGE game person & 3. I feel like I "beating" the adrenaline gets pumping and I feel like I'm doing something wrong and hey, for a Christian that works out because I get that rebel feeling without feeling bad afterwards. But this is some of the stuff I got for free and actually they paid me to buy. For example I bought the Zantac and they gave me $1.52 back that I used towards the deodorants that I grabbed for .60 a tube. So should I leave out that I had a dream about CVS last night :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pinch ME......

Cause I must be dreaming!!

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.
Listen up everybody if you wanna take a chance.
(rap:) just get on the floor and do the new kids dance.
Dont worry bout nothing cause it wont take long.
(rap:) were gonna put you in a trance with a funky song, cause you gotta be
Hangin tough, hangin tough, hangin tough.
(rap:) were rough.

Ohhhhhh YEA!! Something is going to happen....the ticker says so :)

From what I heard they will be on the Today Show THIS Friday, April 4th.
Anyone else love these guys- shoot I ain't lyin, I'd listen to them NOW! Can't you see Lily and I rockin out to this!

Friday, March 28, 2008


This is what I think about your Nice...

Friday, March 21, 2008

Under Construction

I'm def. still working on this thing......I thought about moving all of my old posts over here but let me tell you- It's Not Going to Happen!! As much time as this took out of me, I'm guessing this shall be a slow process!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

1. What is your occupation? Electrician, Musician, Plumber, School Bus Driver, Janitor, Maid, Doctor, Dairy Cow, Chef....ok, Cook, A.K.A. a Mommy!!

2. What color are your socks right now? No Socks, White Slippers

3. What are you listening to right now? Frogs, Crickets, & Birds coming from Lily's swing

4. What was the last thing that you ate? Easter sugar cookies...I think it was a cross (I should of had a carrot)

5. Can you drive a stick shift? yep & I got pretty good once I had to drive on the hills of Alabama

6. What color would you be, if you were a color? Tie Dye

7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Leighton

8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? her's my best friend in da world (said in my best hillbilly accent)

9. How old are you today? 28 but sometimes I forget and have to count down the years

10. Favorite drink? Fresca but at 2am Orange Juice

11. What is your favorite sport to watch? hockey- the bloodier the better

12. Have you ever dyed your hair? highlighted

Not sure what she did with #13

14. Favorite food? Red's Donuts

15. Last movie you watched? The Bee Movie snuggled on the couch with Aidan

16. Favorite Day of the year? Christmas

17. What do you do to vent anger? Run my mouth with a few choice words

18. What was your favorite toy as a child? Barbies & her Dream House

19. What is your favorite, fall or spring?'s the start of all the holidays

Seriously Jenn...what did you do with these questions??

21. Cherry or Blueberry? Cherry all the way

22. Do you want your friends to email you back? not about this

23. When was the last time you cried? couple of weeks ago

24. WHO IS THE FRIEND YOU HAVE HAD THE LONGEST? Jennifer- 1st grade but she is more like a sister

25. Who is the friend you have had the shortest? One of Aidan's friends moms

26. Favorite smell? the most random things.....Vick's Vapor Rub is an all time favorite though

27. Most hated smell? BLACK LICORICE

28. Favorite vacation destination? Disney World

29. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? Cheese

30. Favorite car? dad has had about 4 or 5 of them- it's in my blood

31. Number of keys on your key ring? 2

32. How many years at your current job? 5

33. Favorite day of the week? Lee's day off or Saturday

34. How many states have you lived in? 3
So it's been a year since I brought up the coupon thing and here we are a year later doing the same thing. Last night when I was at Target there was a mother there that pulled out a BAGGIE FULL of coupons. I wanted to cry seeing as it took me back to a couple of weeks ago at Chuckie E Cheese when I was trying to load all of those tickets into the receipt machine and my children (husband included) kept pulling out tickets from every part of their bodies except their wait...Ky had some in his mouth- SANITARY! Never mind my children like to pull each ticket apart so when they hand them to you, you have to put them in one by one and lucky for me, last time we had over 600 tickets. OK, so totally not where I was headed but just wanted you to understand how I felt about this lady last night :)

I have a couple blogs that I keep up with and really have got a lot of great ideas from and lately a couple of the moms have been talking about coupon clipping. Is there a season for coupons?? Well me being the game person that I am and shopping is a huge game for me, I signed up for a trial period of The Grocery Game. It costs $1 for the first month and since it keeps up with 3 of my stores I shop at I thought it would be worth the DOLLAR. Let me know if you try it. Here are a couple of blogs I read that go along with the whole coupon scene.....let me tell ya there are some fierce woman out there that do this like it's a job- I just pray I never get behind them in line!!

Money Saving Mom
Megan's Bargains and More
Freebies 4 Mom

So let's pretend that it hasn't been a year since I have posted anything on here. OH MY has been one year exactly- that is freaky. I guess March 19th is my blog day!

Well one thing I have been wanting to blog about is all of the reality television I have been keeping up with, God Bless Tivo! So one of my "dirty little secrets" is my weekly recording of Rock of Love. Within the first week of watching this show Lee pointed out to me this obvious resemblance.....

She's a MUPPET!!