Thursday, March 20, 2008

So it's been a year since I brought up the coupon thing and here we are a year later doing the same thing. Last night when I was at Target there was a mother there that pulled out a BAGGIE FULL of coupons. I wanted to cry seeing as it took me back to a couple of weeks ago at Chuckie E Cheese when I was trying to load all of those tickets into the receipt machine and my children (husband included) kept pulling out tickets from every part of their bodies except their wait...Ky had some in his mouth- SANITARY! Never mind my children like to pull each ticket apart so when they hand them to you, you have to put them in one by one and lucky for me, last time we had over 600 tickets. OK, so totally not where I was headed but just wanted you to understand how I felt about this lady last night :)

I have a couple blogs that I keep up with and really have got a lot of great ideas from and lately a couple of the moms have been talking about coupon clipping. Is there a season for coupons?? Well me being the game person that I am and shopping is a huge game for me, I signed up for a trial period of The Grocery Game. It costs $1 for the first month and since it keeps up with 3 of my stores I shop at I thought it would be worth the DOLLAR. Let me know if you try it. Here are a couple of blogs I read that go along with the whole coupon scene.....let me tell ya there are some fierce woman out there that do this like it's a job- I just pray I never get behind them in line!!

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