Thursday, June 26, 2008

What happens when you neglect your CVS addiction for 3 weeks?

You can't see to drive home!!!

I know!! I can't believe I was able to survive that long without my "drugs" but with Summer here and trying to do alot with the babies I haven't had a moments breath to even think about transactions and haven't cut a coupon in a month so you can imagine the mess that I have to go through. I had about $70 in ECB's that had expired over my absence and so I had to use them all up in one trip since my fav. manager gave me the ok, which was HARD because I NEVER use that many ECB's in one trip because of coupons and breaking down transactions to use more $4/$20 coupons- let's just say it was tough. I was there almost 2 hours (which is kinda quick for me) and bought $293 worth of merchandise, used $116 in ECB's, and spent $13.90 that went on my prescription transfer gift card.

Obviously, more of my favorite paper towels.....YEA!


Jamie said...

I'm planning my trip for tomorrow already. I try to go only on Sat. and try not to obsess too much over it during the week. But once Thurs. hits, I'm ready to plan.

Vickie said...

That looks like my closet except it is Charmin! LOL
I worked on my list last night and pulled my coupons to get ready for tomorrow as well.
I go every Saturday morning and maybe once more during the week.
I can't remember what I did before CVS and it's only been a couple of months. SAD isn't it but.......I LOVE IT!!

Been missin' you Sunshine!

~Crystal~ said...

I just now closed up my coupon binder from getting ready for tomorrows trip. I'm glad you got to use your ecb's, that would have made me sick if you couldn't have. I love seeing all the stuff you bring home! You rock!

Nicole said...

I find that if I wait till later in the week then have the stuff I need is gone!!!! I guess I'm going to start going on Monday!!!!

You got me addicted! But at least its on something that actually is good for me and the fam.

Nicole said...

so are you only going to blog once a month or something??? you got us all hooked to this CVS junk and now i feel abandoned!

~Crystal~ said...

I'm still waiting on the picture you said you were going to post. (taps foot) Also....I want to see pics of Lily! I'm sure you have taken 1 or 2 them lately.

Shannon said...

I am so amazed how you can get this much stuff for next to nothing!! I so wish we had a CVS!