Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jamie's Picture Game

Is this thing on..........then let me know if you play along. Open the picture file and pull from the fourth folder, the fourth picture (what's the deal with 4 Jamie?) Anywho- I present my Kyan James- only 1 day old....I have alot of pictures on this computer so 4th folder didn't get me very far (try 4 years ago).


Jamie said...

I don't know what the deal is with 4. I found it on another ladies blog and thought it was simple and fun! Glad you played and that you're still out there. I hope you and your crew are all doing well!

Gretchen said...

So glad to see ya still around hehe. Such a cute photo

Gretchen said...

I posted mine

Vickie said...

I do NOT like Walgreens refills. I have not had any filled that worked right. The color ones are AWEFUL!!
I normally buy mine on ebay and I have had alot of success with that.

Vickie said...

I use them when they are mailed to me. If not, they will beep when scanned and they will not push them thru.

You very seldom get those anymore. Sometimes you'll get a CRT for 3/15 or 4/20 etc. when you scan your card on those red boxes.

They have really cracked down hard. So I walk the line with CVS, I behave, believe it or not.

LOVE ya Sunshine!!