Monday, June 29, 2009

The Storage Room

Yeah so I have been promising for over a year now to post pictures of the infamous storage room and decided today is the day, so take a deep breath and look around at the wonder- I do!

So if you come to my house to visit you don't need to bring anything cause I gotcha covered in my mini CVS and you don't need to worry about paying me back because I paid about $100 to fill it esp. since alot of it....they paid me and I know they would LOVE to hear that.

This is after I haven't visited CVS in almost a year.....July of 2008 to be exact- so imagine this thing a year ago...
Lots of Body Wash, Toothpaste, J & J Baby Wash (Target paid me for these), Hairspray for the little boys, soap buddies (the are stacked so you can only see half of those), Toothbrushes, Hand Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, flameless candles, Bar Soaps, Huggies Baby Wash, Herbal Essence Shampoo & Conditioner, Men's Body Wash, Qtips, J & J Wash cloths, Hand & Face wipes, Tums, Pledge........etc

Flushable wipes, Cascade, Ziplocs, Trash Bags, Toilet Cleaners, Pledge Spray, Laundry Detergent, Baby Wipes (I started with about 50 of those and have what ever is left in the corner)

This is the diapers and paper towels that I have left...I have taken back some diapers that Lily never used and have 2 $60 CVS cards to buy diapers once she uses these

Tool Box full of batteries

Pert & can see how many we have used- these were the last things I have purchased at CVS in July '08

The BEST razors!


Lysols holding up Lee's old basketball trophies and a container of deodorant

and once you are done sorting through my junk...

We'll play a game

and I'll let you pick out a gift

and I might even wrap it for you

and then by then maybe I can talk you into....

helping me put away the usual box of party stuff that gets dropped in the middle of the floor after parties!!


Nicole said...

Hey I need a new razor... can you send me one?? LOL

This makes me wish I would have never stopped my CVSing... and i really need to get back in it b/c i hate knowing that I'm wasting money onthings I can get for free.

Jamie said...

My little tiny closet seems so insignificant now! Ha! I still do CVS, but only for freebies! And I do Publix every week and look for other deals too. I'm so jealous! I did just buy diapers for the first time last week when we were out of town. I still have about 7 boxes of sz 4 & 5 left... and I hoping that will get me through to pull-ups. I believe it should! :)

Jamie said...

Also, Where did you get the VOlcano making kit in the 2nd pic?

Vickie said...

These pictures make me feel right at home!!

When are you going to start back? I see plenty of room for Lee to put you up some aisle shelves like the have in CVS!

~Crystal~ said...

Don't you hate it when people say they want to come shop at your house?

You are a girl after my own heart. I had some of those razors & just now started using them. They are the best!

And those Scotch toilet cleaners things are awesome.

Oh & for my gift, I want what is in the Victoria Secret bag. ;)

I'm so happy you *finally* posted this! Woo Hoo!!! I think it's time for you to come up with a new blog game.

And my word is verification: PICKYLOR

Liz said...

Love the storage room. The next time my husband says I have too much - I'm sending him over here. LOL You must feel so good about how much money you save for your family.