Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recap of 2010 part 2


Aidan decided he wanted to do another Science Project (a week after his birthday party- EEEK). He chose to do his project on his favorite thing....Rocks & Crystals!!!

We did quite a few Easter egg hunts in 2010.
Our first one was at a local church and we took along our close friends! We stopped for breakfast at Hyvee to fuel for the race!

Ky & Sam

Aidan waiting for his french toast

Friends trying not to freeze

They divide all of the kids into age groups and then they cover the floor with eggs filled with candy...

Daddy & Lil waiting for the countdown

Lily was a little shy at first

but she quickly got the hang of it

Opening each egg very carefully
(notice her hairbow :)

I went through alot of peeps for treat bags for classmates

"Happy Easter to one of my favorite peeps"

Then my little friends that were too small to eat peeps and that I wanted to give a little more than just candy to got rice filled peeps to snuggle up with

We decided this year that we wanted to do our Easter egg hunt a little different so we did ours at night, inside in the dark, with flashlights

Which only lasted about 2 mins. since Aidan ran into the wall and got hurt

Easter Baskets
The kids woke up Easter morning and as they were looking at their baskets, Lee says, "Tell Mommy thanks for the Easter Baskets". I slowly turn my head to glare at him trying not to make any sudden moves and Aidan says, "I thought the Easter bunny brought them for us". To where Lee starts stuttering over his words and I just glare at him. Aidan says is the Easter bunny not real.....if the Easter bunny isn't real, Is Santa REAL?!! Happy Easter, right!!

Easter morning with my first attempt at handmade ties for my handsome boys!

I bought Lily's dress at Target and took the bloomers from her dress and made her a matching bow :)

My Handsome big boy who was miserable because the sun was so bright on this morning!

We headed to Nana & Gpa's for yet another ( 4th) Easter egg hunt

and dying Easter eggs

We met Mimi & Papa in Hannibal, MO in April for a short little "miss you" vacation. Hannibal is Mark Twain's hometown and after a weekend there doing all kinds of tourist activities we left there knowing all kinds of history about him.

Hanging out at the hotel was lots of fun

The gift shoppe was how you entered into the infamous cave

We all were trying to give Mimi a pep talk before entering the cave
(she's not a fan of the dark)

Lily picking out her accessories

Ky picking out his

They made a special trip to let Mimi see if she could make it through the cave but she said PASS!

Papa, the kids, and I were all about 10 yards into the cave when our "highly intelligent" tour guide looks at my kids and says be careful as we go in because we need to watch out for the alligators..........I could of decked that idiot as Kyan stopped dead in his tracks and screams, "I'm out- I'm NOT GOING"

Lily loved climbing on all of the rocks and ledges

Now this was mommy's favorite part *rolling my eyes*
Once we got to the deepest part of the cave the tour guide tells us to look up at the giant black spots on the ceiling. He continues to tell us that they were made by bats that stack on top of each other and hang like chandeliers and it is the oils on their feet that cause this discoloration. (side note: to those who don't know me very well......Mel is NOT a fan of the flying rat) But after filling all of us in on this fun little information and I am flipping my head left and right searching for anything that flys....HE TURNS THE LIGHTS OFF! Let's just say Jesus and I had a nice long talk....underground...in the dark!

Ahhh, Daylight

We made it out unscathed and with a couple goodies from the gift shoppe

"Tom loves Becky"

Mommy & Her Loves at "Lover's Leap"

My little Tom Sawyers whitewashing the fence

Getting ready for the trolley

Our first stop and 2 were instantly bored to sleep

Stuck on the trolley

and then there were three!

Daddy joined us on Day 2 after his test he had to take for work but just in time for panning for gemstones

Boys searching through rocks for gemstones

Lily playing in the rocks

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea...
Lemonade & Barnes and Noble GC

His & Hers Treat Jars

Movie night for 3

Aidan's award night for Awana

Ky's awards for Cubbies

Random moment with Ky sorting the infamous basket of socks!

Random day at preschool

Daddy coaching Aidan at soccer

Lily cheering them on

Daddy handing out trophies...he is such an encouraging coach

This one LIVES for trophies!

Great team!

Last Day at preschool and daddy thinking about the road ahead and our baby boy growing up

Aidan's best buddy Sam and the last day of school on Field Day

Aidan's 1st grade teacher

TIME FOR SUMMER............


~Crystal~ said...

Other children have to clammer to be in your kids class every year. And I am sure the teachers jump for joy also! Geez. HAHA!

I love Lily's flower/bows...I need some of those!

Thank you Mel for making blogging your New Years resolution. :)

Jen@eighteen25 said...

so glad to see you put our ideas to good use!! :) looks like you guys had a great year. :) thanks for sharing with us.

Staci said...

I like the picture of the soccer field and Lee with Aidan!

Love the flower bows! Love all of Lil's outfits! I need to start dreaming up Chloe's outfit for her birthday!!! It's in April! Lil dresses like everyday is her birthday! LOVE IT!

Jamie said...

Please post a how to on the bows, my friend. Sincerely,
Creatively Challenged!