Sunday, January 9, 2011

Recap of 2010 Part 1

Before we move into 2011 I figured I had better do a recap of 2010 just for a little balance since I have been MIA in blogland for a little bit. After our computer crashed in Jan.of 2008 and took 10,000 (literally) pictures with it I just couldn't get back into it. Even after we had someone work on the computer for a LARGE amount of money and who claimed to get them all back, but seeing as I have glanced (still after 3 yrs. I can't go through them all) through them...I know he didn't get them all back. So post partum and losing all of those memories def. stole my joy for awhile!
But I don't want to miss another moment or memory so here's to my 2011 New Year's Resolution!

This isn't quite 2010 but consider it our Christmas picture of 2009
with everyone in the Christmas Eve pjs!

January 2010
We rang in the New Year with G-Force, games, and goodies.....

and LOTS of kisses!

LOVE her poochy lip at 2!

Couldn't miss our annual Sesame Street Live!

Aidan w/ Elmo

Lilybelle w/ Elmo

Ky w/ Elmo

Elmo & Friends!

Daddy spent his Valentine's with his favorite Valentine!

Trust me NOTHING has changed but a number!

Daddy's Birthday Dinner

Aidan turned 7 this year!

We celebrated his day with family at the Natural History Museum
(where else would a "scientist" wanna spend his day)

She is so DRAMATIC!

For Aidan's friend party we had a Crystal/ Rock party at Solid "ROCK" Gymnastics
(and for the record, google doesn't come in handy when doing a search for a Crystal/ Rock party...unless your a junkie)

Invites were front and back with "Pop Rocks" inside

Birthday poster

Cupcakes complete with chocolate rocks

This was a low key party since it was not at home but
there were still a couple things that we couldn't leave out

Entry Table

Birthday Canvas

Tons of Balloons

Aidan wanted a cookie cake for his cake that he didn't have to share
(those are "crystals" that were decorated on the cookie....Cookie Company gets an A for effort)

birthday circles

candy shop

I sewed drawstring bags with homemade geodes (made of coffee grounds) inside with each child's initial sewn on the outside tied together with a magnifying glass

Tied to the geodes

Of course Homer attended

The Fam

It was a tiring blast!


Staci said...

Wow, that post was excited and I felt like I was actually at the party! Love Love Love the cupcakes! They were adorable. The theme would have stumped me, but girl you got it going on (as usual!) I'm glad my kids can't read your blog yet- lol- or they'd be SO envious!!!!

Looking forward to the rest of this year (aka 2010) and seeing what the new year unfolds in camera land!

Staci said...

*exciting! See I was so excited that I forgot what I was saying! LOL

PS- thanks for letting us into your creative world!!! :-)

~Crystal~ said...

This post excited me too!!!! I was actually giddy reading it. You know I ♥ seeing pictures of the parties!

Jamie said...

I almost hit the ground when I saw a new post!! How fun! It feels like we are all reuniting... and it feels so good! First of all, I need to hire you. I am so tired of parties! And I feel hugely inadequate when I see how much effort you put in! Teach me, Yoda! ;)