Saturday, February 12, 2011

Recap of 2010 part 3


Our Summer started off at Great Wolf Lodge for my birthday. We met Papa & Mimi there and spent lots of time swimming,  shopping, and playing games in the arcade.

This is where I stayed 90% of the time while going through my coins......I walked away with 2 movies and about 25 bouncy balls. The goal was to have the puppy jump over the bar while it flipped over him. I won Toy Story and Nemo but was able to manipulate ask the worker sweetly to open the game and let me trade it for Avatar.  

Skeeball at midnight

Baseball  skeeball at midnight with Lily

Daddy taking over Ky's game

Daddy hit the "jackpot" and Aidan raked in the tickets

June ended with a BLAST!
Midnight Showing of Twilight's Eclipse *SQUEAL*

The boys started sleeping together this Summer
I just happened to catch a classic picture- I guess when you can't reach the front

Aidan started playing Jr Saltdogs Baseball
His favorite position was catcher since he was constantly in the action, 
otherwise he was bored


4th of July Party

 PaKaPa holding a Roman Candle
I'm surrounded by pyros!

Daddy's favorite holiday!! 
Wussy's use lighters- Real Men use torches.....
but can you find it?

Lily enjoying the strawberries

After all the fireworks Aidan bit into a caramel pretzel and his front tooth finally pulled loose after his prideful parents had banned him from eating hard foods since it first started to move months earlier- seriously!

I spent over 4 days and went through over 50 yards of 2" chiffon stripes to make Lily a pettiskirt instead of spending $70 to buy one online but once daddy saw the stress it was causing me he made me promise to buy one next time!

July 8, 2010 I received a call at 3am that my close friend Brandy was having her baby and to get to the hospital!!!

Before the fun!

She's here.....and I got to be there for ALL of it!!! 
Def. a top 10 moment in my book of life!!!
Introducing Willa Rae

Aidan getting to show Mimi & Papa his baseball skills

and Lily showing everyone how she has daddy wrapped!

We were able to get in one last game before heading to Kentucky for 2 weeks....
and even though Kyan avoided giant messes all Summer long he went head to head with a mud puddle at the last game...........and he lost!

Kentucky or Bust!!!

How to keep a 3 yr old entertained on a 10+ hr car ride????
Count the suckers.....

It was straight to the pool to play on the new slide

Getting more comfy in the water

 Once she found something she liked she became a 
broken record and wanted to do it over and over!!

But no one catches you like your daddy

 But no one holds you like your mommy....Aidan wanted me to 
just hold him and sing to him as if he was my baby boy again

 Yes, they own swim trunks but I guess there is something about swimming in your undies

This is how Lily ended every night after spending her days in the pool

Lee came outside while we were swimming one day and asked where Papa was and informed me that he had caught a snake...IN THE HOUSE!! It wasn't a big snake but it also wasn't a happy snake. He ended up putting a bowl over it and getting it out back...

But it still tried to strike him, he should of killed it!

My suntanned boys!

Aidan learned how to do a back flip while we were there

Kyan went for the front flip

and gave me the ok he was good

 even when he landed on his head

We made a quick trip to Nashville to visit Uncle who we hadn't seen in 3 years

 Before we headed home the boys thought it would be the coolest thing to take one last swim at dark in the pool....NAKED! While they were in there they found a frog thinking the same thing and as Aidan was hurrying to get him out of the chlorine it looked like the frog was chasing Aidan and his ummmm, yea! We were all laughing so hard!!

 We all hated to leave that pool!

We hated to leave Mimi & Papa even more
(while we were packing up the car)

Back home at a Saltdogs Baseball game with Nana & Grandpa

Lily watching the game with PaKaPa

One of our zoo trips and Kyan decided to climb INSIDE the metal cow

He is so gentle with the butterflies

Aidan finally caught one too

Lily watching the amphibians

We signed Aidan up for British Soccer Camp
since that seems to be "his sport"

Lily getting ready to watch Aidan at camp

Lee & Lil finally meeting baby Willa

Oh my sweet Lily developed her independent side and could not be trusted alone for any amount of time....walked into this in my bedroom and could not figure out what green stuff was on my floor until I looked above the pile of string....but THANK YOU JESUS it was not her hair!!

Aidan did awesome at soccer camp and learned alot...most importantly to yell PASS!

 All of the coaches were from England or nearby and I had them all nicknamed  to old MC students

This was John and Brandon

This was Aidan's Coach Dan (luckily the most skilled player) and 
he was nicknamed Paul

Fishing at Nana & PaKaPa's with friends

Aidan LOVES catching fish and Ky loves chasing them!
Ky had walked up to Aidan right before this as they stood by the pond and asked Aidan, "Do you want me to jump in" and with a laugh and a "Yes", my middle child took a leap into the pond....fully clothed! With a panic look on his face Aidan quickly explained....I DIDN'T THINK HE'D DO IT?!?!

My picture perfect baby!

Kyan with our annual preying mantis petting

She may be all girl but she "ain't scared"

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Staci said...

So fun. Your summer looks amazing! Okay so Chloe has the Same monster pj's that lily has in the great wolf pictures!

SO GLAD it was NOT her HAIR that she cut too- her hair is SO beautiful. Chloe would be envious if she knew how to be! ;) Chloe has my hair, so there is hope, that by the time she's 18 there will a nice full thick head of hair!

Baby Willa Rae is tee-tiny- loved seeing her in Lee's arms! She's a cutie.

When I saw the pool pic I though- he looks nakey- then I read the caption and laughed. I remember going skinny dipping when I was about 7. They had a slide, and it was in the middle of the day- lol I went up the ladder and sat on the slide and realized that anyone in the neighborhood oculd probably see me! I was terrified- I slid down fast and enjoyed the water. lol.