Friday, March 25, 2011

Recap of 2010 part 4


August arrived and I was a HOT MESS!! I can easily say that Kyan starting school was harder than Aidan starting school. So glad that time in my life is over!! 

Every year we start off the school year with a teacher's survival kit. I found the idea on the provocraft website 2 years ago and have just ran with it. 

The beginning of my boys sharing the same school

My baby boy leaving his mommy for a full day

My toothless wonder

 Big enough to walk in by himself.....and not look back

Mommy couldn't wait to go up to school for lunch

Only my sweet Kyan would go to the school nurse on his first day of school....
my graceful butterfly tripped in gym class

Mommy and Daddy couldn't wait to pick him up!!

Lily started dance and was the baby of the class since they let us start her a couple weeks before she turned 3. She is a natural but won't let us leave her in the room alone.

Lily's 3rd birthday started with grandmas and mommy taking her for her first pedicure

She picked there is another color in her vocabulary

She was a little unsure at first but once we got the DVD going she was ok and then they brought out the hot towels and I knew she wasn't going to enjoy that....I don't even like them but I watched as her eyes started tearing up and I told her to use her words and tell them to stop but the poor thing was scared....I'll get her vocal soon

Mommy & Lily toes

Toes done and time to celebrate

We always celebrate birthdays with just grandparents on their actual birthdays and give out the family gifts in a laid back setting

All of us trying to get her gift finshed up....OCD raging in full force with the stickers

(they kept trying to touch the stickers)

All done!!

All she wanted to do with it was turn on the radio and dance

and dance!

 Make a wish Baby Girl!

10pm cruise in her PINK Cadi!
(Chasing her Daddy & Nana)

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