Saturday, March 26, 2011

Recap 2010 part 5


 The September and October months are going to be the death of me (due to 2 birthdays in a one month time period) but until then I will keep drinking my Monster Energy drinks and chug along!!

We visited a couple pumpkin patches this year and we took the Olson's with us to Vala's. I love...LOVE pumpkin patches and Fall is def. my favorite season.

My little pumpkin never misses a chance for a photo op!

The whole clan

Playing on the wood train waiting for the real train

Favorite family riding the train

Ky Ky riding the train

Lock 'em up and throw away the key (Nana & Lily)

Aidan is finally big enough to drive his own vehicle

Ours broke down after I terrorized the passengers with my driving so I watched as the HULK (Bridget) helped our weak little worker move it aside

Aidan & Lily posing with the Incredibles 

Lily with (some of) the Olson girls

My lil' pumpkin in the pumpkins

Ky Ky knows what to do when I bring the camera out

Double Double Toil & Trouble

Lily loved going down the looooong slide with Alexa

All our orphans in my favorite thing....SHOES!

 My favorite little Kindergartners

Riding on the hayrack ride was a great finish to the day

My sweet boy turned 6

His shirt that I made for his birthday to wear to school


Since we had purchased Vampire Costumes for Ky's party I decided we were going to get creative if they decided not to reuse their vampire costumes. Lily picked some items out of the costume box and became a fairy princess, Aidan went with a water gun/dragon head and we ran from there, and Ky wanted to be a vampire.

Our Halloween Trooper....this one LOVES going door to door and we always end up bribing him to go home!

Once her bucket is full she's out!

 and Ky never makes it far...he is def. not a greedy child!!

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Jamie said...

Aiden's costume is very inventive!