Saturday, March 26, 2011

Recap of 2010 Lily's 3rd Birthday Party

Dora the Explorer Birthday Party

When I started asking Lily what kind of birthday party she wanted it was PINK for about a month and then realizing I was going to need a little bit more than just a color to roll with I considered doing a Nick Jr party bc I didn't know what I was going to do with Dora and little boys. So I decided to ban the little boys and we went with a Pinkalicious Dora Party!!

Everyone received a tanktop with their initial sewn on it to wear to the party

For a couple years I would make new banners every birthday for each kid......DON'T DO THAT!!
Take a little more time and make one nice banner with each child's name and reuse it!

 Another banner that I have rotated for a couple of years
(made with my cricut that a creative mom can't live without...
you can try but it would make your life so much easier)

Digital Circles

She pretty much just roamed the house in her panties (the child HATES clothes) while we spent our time setting everything up for 24 hours

 "Happy Bday Lily"

The 5ft Dora I painted greeted guests as they arrived
(No BOYS Allowed)

Birthday Banner hung in the entryway
(it's made out of a table cloth, wooden dowel, & some ribbon)

Pinwheels hung over the door
(made out of wrapping paper)

Entry Table

Birthday Canvas 


Love my Chalkboard Plate
(chalkboard paint on a plate...can we say easy!?!?)

Mimi, Nana, & Mommy's Shirts

Papa just hanging out before he gets kicked out

I made all of the girls tutus to put on when they arrived

The Basement

The Topiaries that took forever to make!! 

I loved how they turned out but I don't know how I will ever use them again
(they don't match Lily's room)

Another Banner

The Kid's Food Table

The Ice Cream Bar

With all the fixins

I made 3 of these plates to sit around with her picture on them and when I sent lee at 8pm to pick them up he came back with pictures that were a greenish grey color...I said what in the world happened to these pictures and he said the photo guy said they were really pink so he tried to fix them....THEY WERE SUPPOSE TO BE PINK!!

Dora Cupcakes

Drinks in little mason jars...I heart them! 

 Donuts are a must have at EVERY party

OCD has kicked in with glass jars recently- Thank God for TJ MAX

Dora color wall

It was a wet, cold day so we ended up having to keep the party indoors. We had to get creative and figure out how to move things around to fit. Since we couldn't find a way to move our bounce house indoors (yes, we tried) Lee ran and found this ball pit/ trampoline at the store and saved the day.

Dora Characters

The girl's food table that had flower cookies lined down the center

Cookie Pops

As we were filling the buckets up.......I was lucky enough to find THIS in a bucket
(I'm thinking this is the same party we found a mouse outside in the egress window)

Personalized Water Bottles

 Birthday Kisses

 Baby Willa is growing up!!

Pink & Orange Lunches
(PB & Strawberry Jam sandwiches, Cheetos, Pink Yogurt, Carrots, Dora fruit snacks, Mand. oranges, &...)


Waiting for their food

Mommy with her birthday girl

Birthday Cake #2
But she doesn't have to share this one

Time for Gifts

Balls didn't stay in the pit very long

After food she ended up shedding some of her clothes and looked like an 80's wrestler with her backwards crown and all

The mom's food table

With More Pinwheels

Once the party was pretty much over and they guys started heading back, I told them if someone would put on a tutu they could come in for ice cream sundaes....
Aidan took one for the team

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