Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ky's Halloween Party

I planned Ky's birth (to the best of my ability) so he would be a Halloween season baby. I love Halloween.

This party was a first for us! We had never had a party AT OUR HOUSE where we invited the birthday child's whole class plus our typical crew of 25+. We always invite the whole classes but we have done them at play centers. This was by far our biggest party yet!! I stopped counting kids once we went over 50 and that wasn't counting the adults!

Balloons, Balloons,
and MORE Balloons!
(over 200)

Our candy machine usually hangs out by the front door with skittles but we emptied him out and filled him with Reese's Pieces and gave him a costume 

Entry Table

The lamp got a makeover with RUFFLES! 
(Ruffles are in my top ten list, right under my kids)

Birthday Canvas

Kyan's Birthday poster

We didn't do dinner but we had the sweets & treats covered!!

Dessert Table #1

Popcorn balls, Cheese balls, Ghost cookies, Choc. pretzels, spider ding dongs....

Ghost cookies were nutter butter cookies dipped in chocolate

Eyeball cookies, MORE popcorn balls, and TONS of licorice

Kyan's costume tree and another ruffled lamp

Halloween topiaries

Dessert Table #2

Cupcakes, Mummy Pops, DONUTS, white chocolate chunk, Halloween marshmallows

Mummy Pops were oreos dipped in chocolate with white chocolate striped back and forth

More cupcakes, Cookie cake, Pumpkin frosted animal cookies, DONUTS, & Skeleton ring pops

Kid's Food Room

Halloween characters

Crazy Friend Buf & Ky's future wife Ellie

PaKaPa Wizard in charge of the "Toe Jam" (cotton candy)

Uncle Papa Sam hiding

I cut vinyl circles out and stuck them on the pots, bought $4 mums and dropped them into pots, recovered the rocking chair pillows in orange and black polka dot fabric, & spray painted some left over curly sticks from the Christmas tree and stuck them in the mums.


Path to the Backyard

Pick a Poison game
(Ring Toss)

Bed of Nails game

Duck Dungeon game
(Duck Pond)

Bat Flingin Game
(Bat Toss)

Dead Man's Jump

Nana made the platform for us and PaKaPa drove all over town looking for hay bales

Nana & Lil next to the Boogie Man Bounce

Girl Vampires
(Our costumes were matching)

Daddy Vampire and Baby Vampire

Daddy helping out with the games

Complete Fun Chaos

All of the games and she didn't want to leave the swing

Aidan & Ky with Homer who of course was in attendance

Our Vampire Family

Birthday Boy got his own Vampire cookie cake that he didn't have to share...
but he still wanted to share with his friends

Roasting Marshmallows

Ky's Monster Family Wall

The Witch & The Wizard
(Nana & PaKaPa)

Crazy Family

Ky's banner (rotated out)
I made about 200 spiders out of vinyl and they were stuck all over the walls

Glittered Trees

Digital Birthday Circles

Another Banner

Halloween Plate I made with vinyl

Vinyl characters on some Fiesta plates

We turned the garage into a haunted house......nope no pictures to be found so this is what you get (this was taken from the laundry room side of the garage and what it looked like from the outside of the tunnels. No one could see this as we had about 30 black sheets hung up to block everything. The haunted house was full of snakes, bugs, mice, skeletons, and strobe lights. HUGE HIT!! Everyone entered through the side door in the garage and crawled into 3 different tunnels that all connected inside.

Mr & Mrs Vampire after everyone went home.....
put a fork in it- IT'S DONE!!


~Crystal~ said...

Lamp shade on entry table...*swoon*

Nutter Butters dipped in chocolate...Yum!

And again...Loving the ribbon topiaries!

Toe jam...Perfect.

The front door/porch decor is amazing!

You do make a stunning vampire, by the way.

Once you again, you out did yourself! Nothing was left untouched my your magic! You are the best Mom ever! Will you adopt me?

Jamie said...

Girl... you are so detail oriented! I love all the personal touches too. I am so serious when I say you should be a party planner!

PS For some reason your new blogs are not coming up in my feed... weird.