Sunday, April 13, 2008

2008 5 Things Game...

Here is my 2008 version of the 5 Things Game......

(Ignore the tiny fingerprints on the glass...
for some reason it's always more fun to scale a piece of
furniture to get a snack if you are between the ages of 3-5)

11 Pyrex Dishes
9 character cake pans
6 packages of spaghetti
4 boxes of opened cereal that prob. needs to be trashed
TONS of Jello mixes (your guess is as good as mine)

My favorite "how did I live so long without you" gadget

2 Battlestar Gallactica- don't knock it till you try it
The Two Coreys Episode where they try to stop smoking that
1. will never get deleted
2. made me pee my pants on more than one occasion while I was pregnant
Private Practice that I have yet to watch from DECEMBER
Redneck Wedding so I can hear that old lady say,
"I LOVE Hot Pockets"-
which has become my nickname for Lily cause I love saying it:)
Run's House- where they finally get their girl

Lily's Room
I figured since she wasn't here for the last game..only in my dreams...I would do her room even though it isn't CLOSE to being done

HAIRBOWS (Over 100)
12 Pairs of Baby Legs
3 Picture Frames without pictures
Antique Baby Scale
Princess Piggy Bank (Target)

Computer Desk
AKA. Catchall- I admit it is like this 90% of the time and about 5 mins after I clean it up...I give up

Empty Walgreen's Printer Ink Refill Bag
Eucerin Calming Itch-Relief lotion...over washing this winter has tore my hands up!
2 Games we played 2 weeks ago- Rummikub & Apples to Apples
At Home with Magnolia Cookbook
A To DO List that is 2 pages looooong

My Bedroom
OK, so this picture was taken for the other blog
(2 years ago) so there are some changes
(curtains, nightstands, and those flowers are really dead now :)

Gym Class Schedule
Tivo #2
Lily's 2ND Swing
My Coupon Book

Doesn't that look like FUN!?!


Jamie said...

Mine are boring! But I'm not feeling creative right now... I used up all my creativity last night! Ha! With Hank!

~Crystal~ said...

Redneck wedding....That's my fav episode! It's hilarious! Where the chick can't fit into her wedding dress & she looses her teeth!
Love the Two Corey's (They are supposed to filming more!)
Always gotta have Run's House.
You will have ample time to watch Private Practice, the new season want start until the Fall.

I love Lily's room.

Girl, my computer desk looks the same way. I am never motivated to clean it & when I do, it's lasts maybe a day!

I have a coupon organizer thingy now! I'll post it later.

Vickie said...

It's about time you posted Lily's room. Well most of it anyhow! I've been waitin' since before she was born to see which set you choose for it and.........I LOVE it! THANKS!!!

I haven't posted my five yet because my camera died and I haven't bothered Crystal because she's been having them ole' Migraines. So maybe soon. I can't wait till Wednesday when I get me some money to go to CVS to see if I can upset the manager there like I did the one at Walgreens. Sure was fun doing it too.

Gretchen said...

I finally did mine

Gretchen said...

Yeah. I love my closet, just wish we didn't have so much stuff in it that could be stored. (Hoping to get a storage building in the next month or two).

When we found out I was pregnant, Lewis said that we could convert it into the baby's room hehe.

Liz said...

I Love Battletstar too! Who do you think is the 5th of the final 5?