Friday, April 25, 2008

One month anniversary...

Well I started this chaos a month ago this weekend and what a ride it has been. The most upsetting thing is how many deals I had missed before even knowing the game. I made a couple of trips this week to stock up on some items and try a couple different scenarios that I have been reading on my favorite "Super Savers" blogs....(one being The "Cent"sible Sawyer). I bought ALOT of stuff this week for next to nothing and was lucky enough to use up some of the deals my mother in law wasn't going to use up before the month was over PLUS I had coupons. I can officially say my brain HURTS from constantly playing with numbers trying to find the best deal. So obviously, I bought way too much to break it down for you but here is the week in review...

6 CVS Trips (3 different stores)
1 Walgreen's Trip
1 Walmart Trip to price match

Tuesday's Trip

They paid me for this $450 trip

Wednesday's Trip

FINALLY found the gift bags that everyone had been talking about. I really didn't want to buy all of those bags but I figured I better get them while I can, considering the ECB deal is close to being over. There were a couple of things that I needed to get in this trip that weren't on sale or I would have usually the Adidas deodorant is on sale next week with ECB's in return and since they had the display up I thought I'd try it which didn't matter cause I had a FREE coupon from the paper anyway. I needed a pair of those gloves to help with the dry skin from over washing and I got the hairclips for $0.10- I grabbed them for a filler but they didn't help much.

Thursday's Trip (not pictured)

Friday's Trip

One of my CVS stores had the double packs of Lysol wipes out from the new shipment and they adjusted them for the sale price...BONUS! Here is the list:

80 bottles of Herbal Essence ($3.99- $4.29 ea)
10 jars of Whipped Foundation ($9.49 ea)
6 Twin packs of Lysol Wipes ($2.49 ea)
3 Softsoaps ($5.49 ea)
2 Pledge ($2.99- raincheck)
5 Skin Effects ($6.99 ea)
3 magazines for coupons ($.99 ea)
Fillers...Diet Coke, Sucker, Candy, Beano

Total Before Coupons= $371.81
ECB's Used= $40.97
OOP= $22.88
ECB's Earned $51.47

I had 40 Herbal Essence coupons and it just kept getting better and better.
Look what I found......

The FREE Manicure/ Pedicure bottles!!

Then I headed to Walmart to get next weeks CVS deal on Palmolive price matched. 2 for $1.59 and I used 11 $1/2 coupons which made the soap $0.30 a bottle. I had coupons for everything else.

I have decided that CVS is my new workout routine- nevermind the foot work that is involved in shopping for all of those buys but having to load them into the car and drag it all inside.......Now that is a workout!!

I forgot tonight that I had a reward buck from Walgreen's that would expire after today so since I still had 9 Palmolive coupons left, I decided to make a quick stop on my way back from picking up dinner and grab MORE soap. This one cost me $6 and I will be sending in for the $10 rebate.

If prices keep flying up like peeps are saying one thing is for sure....we may starve to death but we will be CLEAN!!


Megan said...

I love your cute blog. I have one question where do you get all your coupons? Do you buy them off ebay or the coupon clippers?

Denise Sawyer said...

I cannot believe all of this! You did AWESOME!!!

I have the same question as Megan. Where do you get such a great coupon stash (the Herbal Essence - 40 coupons was a mind blower! Did you buy them OUT?!?)

Way to go girl! Keep up the good work and there is NO NEED to beat yourself up about missing the deals before because you are DEFINITELY making up for lost time! :)

The "Cent"sible Sawyer

PS Thanks for posting over at my blog for CVS SUPERSTARS!! :)

Vickie said... are the CVS QUEEN DIVA!!!

Megan said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. I love your blog paper and header. Did you design it? It is so cute!! I use the grocery game only for Publix and Kroger. I was using it for CVS but found I could figure out deals on blogs and my own. I do however love it for the grocery stores. I haven't seen anyone mention all the things she does. Sometimes I feel like I'm addicted to this couponing thing! How about you??

Liz said...

Impressive! I am wondering where you store it all.

Nicole said...

um... when we're dirt poor and dirty we'll be calling you to send us a care package! LOL

I wanna get stuff toooooo!!!!

~Crystal~ said...


I'm sitting here with my mouth hanging open. I'm in shock! Where the heck are you going to put all of this stuff? We need pictures of the storage. Ha!

Mel said...

When it gets FULL I'll post a pic.......give me a week ;)

Jamie said...

Okay... I'm reluctant, but trying! I posted about my CVS experience so far. I don't have the space to do what you're doing... what are you doing? Stocking an underground bunker? Ha!

Jamie said...

I went in to CVS today and got the following:

3 Niva products at $5.99 each (earned $5 ECB)
2/$1 coupons
2 bags Almond M&M's at $3.49 (earned 3 ECB)
1/.50 coupon
2 CVS brand gloves at $1.79 (earned 2 ECB)
1 Sinutab 24 count at $5.99 (earned 2 ECB)

I spent at whopping $4.91 and earned $12.00 ECB's. And considering that I picked up the Nivia and M&M's for my mom and she paid me what they were worth, I came out pretty darn good.

I keep looking for the Bic Soliel razor and can't find it, as well as the CVS rapid release deal. Guess I missed those. Now, I'm getting ready for the May deals since I know we need hairspray, and toothpaste.

Vickie said...

I posted a glimpse of my CVS obsession.

Love ya Sunshine!! Vickie

Staci said...

80 bottles of Herbal Essence.
That is just sick.
You have a problem... but you know this...What in the world did Leighton say when you brought home 80 bottles of Herbal Essence ?????

Mel said...

Stack- He's been married to me for 10 years, he just smiled and said I'll carrying them downstairs. He knows I'm crazy but I'm crazy saving lots of money....I bought $319 worth of shampoo for $16

Nicole said...

MELANIE.... go see my stuff that I bought at CVS and critique me... I need help!

~Crystal~ said...

You're not sick...You are smart!
What are some of your newest deals, because I'm sure you've had some.

Vickie said...

Hey Sunshine! I'm with Crystal. I'm anxious to see what OTHER awesome deals you have got at CVS and I know you have because you have the CVS "BUG"! Don't let what all these knuckle-heads say bother you or keep you from posting what you bought. I think you did beyond amazing. I think some are jealous because they can't figure it out like you have. I know I AM!!!!!!!!
YOU GO SUNSHINE!!! I'm rootin' you on.......ROOT, ROOT, ROOT!!!