Saturday, April 5, 2008

Game Time

Ok, so let's play the 5 things game. You pick 5 categories (ex. computer, fridge, car, Tivo, closet), pick 5 things that are in those categories, and then post pictures. I will post mine from 2 years ago...2 YEARS, can you believe it's been that you have an example. Let me know if you play and I will link it on this post so we all can see. I will def. have to think about mine to see what I can come up with new this year.

2 Years Ago....

In My Fridge...

*Expired medicines*
4 antibiotics (2 for Aidan & 2 for me when we had strep throat)

Progesterone Suppositories from when I was pregnant with Kyan (20 months ago :)

*Choc. Oatmeal Cookies--YUM!!*

*Bottled Diet Lipton Green Tea*

*Leftover Chicken Alfredo from last night*

(2x this week)


In My Closet...

*Couple Pairs of Shoes* ;)

*4 Stacks of Pants That are Too Small*

(If Lee would keep his hands to himself I might be able to fit in them..but I keep having babies)

*My Gift Bows & Ribbons*

*Photo Boxes of Old Pictures & 2 Storage Boxes FULL of High School Memorabilia*

*Cabinet Full of Purses & Bags*

(Behind the Door)

In My Handbag...



*Deodorant & the Boy's Hairspray*

*Bottled Water & 2 Juice Boxes*

*Making Memories Tool Kit*
(I needed the needles and tweezers out of it to remove a splinter from Aidan's foot and I was in a hurry so I just grabbed it- 3 weeks ago HA!)

In My Car...I was too lazy to go outside and take a picture- mine is SO not this clean!

*About 50 DVD's

*Double Stroller*

*Rascal Flatts & Third Day CDs*

*2 Empty Sippy Cups*


In My Computer/ Bookmarked...
*The Dove Foundation*

*Shop Suey Boutique*

*Busy Bee Scrapbooking*


*Uproar Games*


~Crystal~ said...

I'm going to play just give me a few days to do it. I need to go back & see what I did last time.

Vickie said...

I'm gonna play too as soon as I figure it out and Crystal has to take the pictures for me cause my camera DIED!!

ps. I still want that purse!!!

~Crystal~ said...

I apparently didn't do this game 2 years ago. And why, I'm not sure. I always do the games. Hhhmmm.....

~Crystal~ said...

I did my 5 things game!!! Go see!

Jamie said...

I'm going to play tonight. Hank's working late and there's nothing on tv... and since you and I both know we have NOTHING better to do, I'm doing it! :)