Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday's Fun

I made 2 shopping trips today to use up some of my coupons. Sundays are obviously "BIG" days because by day 2 or 3 of sales, things are pretty picked over. I have made one too many trips to CVS over the last couple of weeks....enough they know me when I walk I don't want to have to shop around to different CVS's unless I have to. My first one was to Walmart where I had been saving up some of my coupons till I made my next trip there and here is what I got.

My total before coupons was $84.29 and after coupons was $39.17. I had to take back 2 things that have been sitting around unused/ unneeded for a couple a months so once I used that gift card my out of pocket total was $9. Now given I'm not lucky enough to live in a state that has stores that will double not fair, but I don't get awesome deals on food like all of you southern girls (even if they tax your food). So I was pleased with this accomplishment considering it was all for things we needed/ wanted and not just 15 boxes of Excedrin :)

After this I took a shopping break and went to Yoga which was almost pointless considering all I could think about was how I was going to play out my CVS trip. I could see this becoming a problem, anyway....

Here is what I came home with

Now there wasn't anything that I was dying to buy this week considering all my luck last a minute...but I have a hard time passing up free stuff. This is by no means me saying I got the "best" deal out there and there is probably a better way I could of purchased this BUT ya know after awhile I can't stand there and figure anymore- Time is money around here too no matter how much I am trying to save a buck. So here is the scoop in 2 transactions..

2 packs of CVS Diapers ($8.99 ea)
2 Chewable Benefibers ($6.79 ea)
Diet Coke (Yoga made me thirsty- $1.39)
CVS Travel Wipes for my first aid car kit ($1.99)
Orbit Gum ($1.19)

2 Benefiber $2/1 coupon (today's paper)
$3/$10 CVS purchase printed when I scanned my card today

I used $15 in ECB's and got back $10 in ECB's
I knew the Coke, Wipes, & Gum would take me over my $10 goal but I didn't want to stand there and figure in those items since they were all last min. add ons.

2 Covergirl Trublend foundation ($8.99 ea)
Tweezers for my first aid kit ($1.49)
Clippers " " " " ($1.49)
Lumene Makeup Wipes ($2.79)

$1/1 Covergirl coupon (last week's)
Buy foundation Get 1 free coupon (last week's)

Total $4.02

So what I should of done is put the coke, gum, and wipes on this transaction so I could of used a $4/ $20 coupon here too but I'll just save it for next time cause I plan on going back to buy 4 more packs of diapers and 4 more makeups since I still have 2 more sets of coupons to make them free or cents over. I'm also taking back the Lumene Wipes cause I only bought them thinking they would bring $2 ECB but they didn't produce so back they go.

Not that I need more diapers or wipes considering what last week supplied but THEY ARE FREE!

Lily's stash so far

My next adventure is to create a CVS rehab cause after reading through a lot of blogs...there are alot of us who could use some :)
(Don't worry ladies you can pay me in ECB's)

Coo Coo for CVS!


Liz said...

Wow! That's quite a haul. I know how you feel about double coupons, none of the stores up here do it either. :(

Staci said...

I'm confused. Email me.

Jamie said...

Okay, I think I'm ready to dive into CVS savings now that I see all those diapers! You just start by enrolling in the ECB program, right?

Nicole said...

i'm with staci...